Communications from the firm

A novel plea concerning the territorial incompetence of tax auditors

Frenkel & Associés has raised an unprecedented issue concerning the territorial jurisdiction of the tax auditors of the departmental public finance services as defined in article 4 of the amended decree of 16 June 2009. These provisions allow for territorial jurisdiction to be extended in certain situations "when justified by

Total exemption of a transactional redundancy payment

A senior manager of a large group was dismissed on spurious grounds, even though he had always received excellent evaluations from his superiors and colleagues. In the context of negotiations with his employer, he was awarded a settlement of almost one million euros. On the advice of the firm, he

Marc Pelletier to develop tax litigation at Racine Avocats

Marc Pelletier has been a partner of the firm since 2013 and will join Racine Avocats, one of France's leading business law firms, on 1 June 2022 to develop its tax litigation practice. Alain Frenkel and Marc Pelletier will continue to work together, to the best of their respective abilities,